ARTK12 Reviews, Mother and her son showing a thumbs up

This is a short but informative review by Jeni at Cosmic Montessori School. She received the book free from Timberdoodle (a retailer that carries our book). There are plenty of photos and she considered the results of using the book “fairly impressive.”

A Lot

In short, she liked the book “a lot.” Must be, she said it twice:

“Overall I liked Draw the USA a lot.”

“…I liked this book a lot and recommend it…”

I like the quote she has from Montessori:

“What the hand does, the mind remembers.”

So if you need any more convincing check out the full review:

Draw the USA Review »

Or you can just buy the book now. Come on. You know you want to.  Go for it!

Buy Draw the USA »

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