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The first book in the new Creation of the World series is for your youngest students, ages 0 – 8. All the art in the new book is from the medieval era. It comes from Psalters, illuminated manuscripts, Bibles and bestiaries.

Not only will your youngest students be introduced to this fabulous art, but they’ll also learn how to interpret it, how to discover what the art means. Okay, maybe not your “I need a diaper change now” little ones, though they’ll love the colors, the cute animals and the funny talk bubbles, but your older students will learn about symbolism in art. You probably will too.

Why Isn’t the Art Realistic?

The medieval artists were not interested in depicting things realistically, they were far more interested in using symbols to convey important meaning and concepts. It was not a lack of skill, but rather a choice to bring an understanding of the spiritual world to their readers and viewers through art.

The three book series for creation will include this children’s book, a book for your older students that explores medieval and later art about the creation and a verse card book that will combine verses about creation with great art.

Sample Pages from the new Creation Book

This new book is looking great. It is a work of art in itself. Look, I know I’m biased put take a look below and decide for yourself.

As with all our new books now, we will be offering a free book giveaway via our newsletter. You have to be a newsletter subscriber to participate (you knew there was going to be catch, didn’t you?). Once the newsletter goes out announcing this book the first 10 respondents will receive a free book. I’m not kidding!

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