A snail going up a wall.Creation of the World, ARTK12’s third children’s book this year and first children’s Bible book, is now available for purchase. The Creation story deserves to be paired with great Christian art and that’s what this book delivers. The Middle Ages produced an abundance of great art, most of which we never see today. This book remedies that modern shortcoming.

For $9.95 (on Amazon.com) your youngest students will be exposed to some of the greatest Christian art ever produced while enjoying simple rhyming text that tells the story of the Biblical creation. There are also explanatory and funny talk bubbles and for older students and parents (we haven’t forgotten about you) there are more in depth explanations about the art. When you’re all done reading, there’s a “find the snail” game where the students go back through every piece of art and find a snail taken from a Middle Ages’ bestiary.

A snail going down a wall.

Newsletter Contest…Again

As with all our new books this year we will be running a free book contest through the newsletter. When you receive the newsletter announcing the publication of Creation of the World, just be one of the first ten to reply back with your snail mail address and you will receive the book free. You must be a newsletter subscriber (there’s always a catch, right?) and we also ask that you let us know what you and your children thought of the book.

You can sign up for the newsletter using the blue button on the bottom right of any of our web pages. The announcement will be emailed out next week. Don’t miss it!

Buy at Amazon.com ($9.95) Buy on ARTK12 ($7.95 – minimum cart total required)

A snail on the groundA snail on the groundA snail on the ground

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