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Kristin was not happy with the book cover for Creation of the World we wrote about a while back. On the left is the first version and on the right is the new version.

Part of what she didn’t like about the previous cover it that it is an illustration of the letter “O” from a medieval manuscript. Ultimately, it didn’t make sense to have that on the cover, even if it looked good.

Matthew, Mark, Luke and John

The new cover, in addition to God in the middle creating the world, has animal illustrations that have traditionally represented Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. They are:

  • John (upper left) – Eagle
  • Matthew (upper right) – Man
  • Luke (lower right) – Ox
  • Mark (lower left) – Lion

Also, this cover design will lend itself better for the older student book which will not be a square design, but rectangle like the map and history books.

Proofs and Newsletter Contest

We are getting ready to send this to the printer and we should be able to order some proofs in the next week or so. We’re hoping to publish this in April sometime.

Like our last two books, we will be running the newsletter book contest: 1st 10 replies to the email announcing the book will win a free book. The contest requires a USA snail mail address and you must be a subscriber to the newsletter. If you’re a previous winner…have at it! You are eligible for every contest. So far we have one dual winner.

You can sign up for the newsletter using the button on the lower right of any page on our website. Or you can go directly to the newsletter signup page.

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