Cummins Life Reviews ARTK12 History

ARTK12 Reviews, Mother and her daughter showing a thumbs upA while back Cummins Life reviewed Draw the USA. This time around Kathryn tackled ARTK12’s American Art History Semester I curriculum.

This is a thorough review with lots of photos to enjoy. I particularly like the photo of all 7 children at the table playing the art bingo game. The grinning young man on the right is priceless. But I digress. Here are some highlights from the review:

“The ARTK12 art history curriculum is truly art history disguised as fun!”

Yup! Fun and educational. This is art appreciation with the boring parts taken out.

“I love that this curriculum is put together for you. There is very little prep.”

Paul Revere's Teapot Drawings ARTK12

Drawings by the 4 oldest children.

Kristin is well aware that homeschooling parents need time, but also want their children to get a high quality education. This curriculum does both. The work has been done for you and the content is academic AND fun.

“I love that my kids have fun while inadvertently memorizing each piece [of art].”

The beauty of art games both in ARTK12 books and on the ARTK12 website is that students “study” the piece of art without knowing that’s what they are doing.

“The kids loved making their drawings and I think this is truly a highlight of this curriculum. If you can’t tell by now my family is thoroughly enjoying this curriculum and I would highly recommend it.”

It’s worth your while to check out the full review. There are lots of photos and Kathryn has a lot more to say about the curriculum.

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