Draw Asia Volume I by Kristin DraegerRecently we received this question via email: Do you have a Middle East map book?

We do have a Middle East map book, it’s called Draw Asia I. The Middle East is technically in Western Asia, also called West Asia.

I could say more about this, try to lengthen this post just for the sake of trying to lengthen the post. But why? There’s really no need. The information has been dispensed and trying to elaborate on such a simple fact is an unnecessary endeavor. So, I will just leave it as is and be Brief, Succinct, Direct, Compressed, Summarized, Curtailed, Condensed, Pithy, Lean, Bare, Curt, Straightforward, Concise, Pointed, Abbreviated, Neat, Abridged, Synoptic, Crisp, Precise, Exact, Gnomic, Laconic, Terse, Elliptical, Breviloquent, Pauciloquent, Abrupt, Sharp, Sparse, Emphatic, Sententious, Epigrammatic, Tight, Brusque, Compact, Compendious, Clear-Cut, Decisive, Fast,Short-Winded, and in all other ways not Redundant, Long-Winded, Verbose, Wordy, Prolix, Garrulous, Windy, Longiloquent, Diffuse, Discursive, Maundering, Rambling, Wandering, Digressive, Aimless, Roving, Ambiguous, Extended, Protracted, Prolonged, Lengthened, Drawn-Out, Long, Endless, Everlasting, Repetitious, Batological, Pleonastic, Tautological, Extensive, Broad, Expansive, Sustained, Dragged Out, Tedious, or Boring.

Why am I using capital letters above? I don’t know, but I did, there’s simply no denying that.

Anyway, as Thomas More said, “I have no wish to labour the obvious.”


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