Draw Asia, Volume I is Now for Sale!

Draw Asia Volume I, Page 81The fifth book in my drawing map series, Draw Asia: Volume I is now for sale on Amazon.com for $19.95. As in my previous books I use simple step-by-step instructions to help your students draw Asia, eventually by memory with enough practice.

Asia is big, with over 40 countries and many bodies of water, so it will require two volumes. This volume covers the western half of Asia, from the Sinai Peninsula to India. Volume II will cover the eastern half from China to the Pacific Ocean, and will be published some time in early 2016.

My other four map books: Draw the USA, Draw Europe, Draw Africa and Draw Canada and Greenland have now sold well over 2,000 copies and are receiving nice reviews on Amazon.com.

Thanks to all of you who have purchased my books previously and for many of the kind words I have received about them. Hope you enjoy this one too.

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