Draw Europe Video Review

Sarah MacKenzie talks about Draw Europe

Sarah Mackenzie does a short video review of Draw Europe posted in her article “Scope #2: How We Homeschool – Morning Time.” Sarah is also author of the Book Teaching from Rest: A Homeschooler’s Guide to Unshakable Peace.

The review of my book begins at about 28:00 minutes into the video. Here are some highlights:

Let me show you how great this is. When I saw the inside of this book I thought we have to use this, this looks so much fun.

With her lovely little language she tells you how to make sure it is at the right part of paper….like this: “This blob looks like Santa’s bag of gifts and will contain eight countries.” Like how great is that? That totally does look like Santa’s bag of gifts. So that’s really fun.

Watch the Video > on Sarah’s site or watch below (it will automatically start at the review):



If he is not familiar with the geography of Europe, then the content will be challenging. He may roll his eyes at some of the mnemonic devices that I use in the text, but if he’s ok with that it should be fine.


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