Draw Oceania Selling Now!

Draw Oceania by Kristin J. DraegerDraw Oceania, the 9th and final book in Kristin’s geography series is on sale now at Amazon.com for $19.95.

You can also buy multiple copies of Draw Oceania from ARTK12 (minimum purchase of 5 copies) for $16.95 each.

Buy the ARTK12 Geography Set

All the ARTK12 geography books can also be purchased as a book bundle. You have the option to buy 7, 8 or 9 books. Choose one or two that you do not want and go home happy! Full set of 9 books retails for $179.95. We are selling all 9 for $139.49, a savings of $40.06. That’s around $15.50 per book.

If you recently purchased the set from ARTK12 (6-8 books), please contact us (info@artk12.com) and we’ll sell you Draw Oceania at the reduced price ($15.50) with FREE SHIPPING.
(This Offer has now ended)

All books purchased from the ARTK12 website include FREE SHIPPING. That includes Alaska and Hawaii too!

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Sample Pages from Draw Oceania

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