Draw the Human Body: Organ Templates

A possible cover for Draw the Human Body: Organ Templates

NOTE: We have decided against this, assuming most people will just download the free templates and we were not satisfied with the proof.

We’re toying around with the idea of selling a companion book for Draw the Human Body: Organs, we’re calling it Draw the Human Body: Organ Templates. Essentially, it would be all the starter templates that you can download on the site for free, but in book form. It’ll be black and white and along with the starter templates there will also be some characters from the main book with blank talk bubbles your students can fill out.

But Glen, if we can download all these templates for free why would we want to buy this book?

It’ll make a nice book for your students to keep with all the completed drawings inside, plus they’ll have fun filling out the talk bubbles. Is that enough for people to opt out of the free download and pay $5.95 here on ARTK12 for the book? If they have 4 students, will they want to pay over $20.00 so each student can have their own? We’re not sure, that’s why we’re toying around with the idea. We’ve ordered a proof to take a look and see what we think.

We want to keep the book as inexpensive as possible, so we’re a little concerned about having a cartoon on the backside of the drawing. We don’t want add the cartoons and add a lot more pages (we’re sitting at 32 pages at the moment), but not sure just a book of templates would be worth the money. Anyway, a few things to consider before we say yay or nay on this one.

Here are a few sample pages:

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