A lot of what we try to do in our books is reinforce the information with humor. This is especially true in the American Art History books (Art History Disguised as Fun) and the Literature Disguised as Fun books.

Draw the Human body: Organs. Most recent cover.In our new book, Draw the Human Body: Organs, we are taking this to another level. On many of the drawing instruction pages we have cartoons, in the introductory sections there is humor in the text and also cartoons and there are unique sections throughout the book: the Organ Pavilion, Adventures in Anatomy (a mini comic book), fun poetry, a news show and more. Some of the humor is frivolous, but for the most part we try to reinforce terms and concepts through laughter and fun, hence why we call this new series, Anatomy Disguised as Fun.

Though fun, we’re not sacrificing academics. There is a lot of detail in these drawings, but students will succeed with the easy step-by-step instructions, the same type of instructions in our popular Draw the World series.

The new book is progressing steadily, but as I’ve stated in other posts, July is now our new target month. We started working on the book in December of 2023 after hearing from several people that a book about drawing anatomy would be great. When this is one is done, we’ll start Draw the Human Body: Skeleton. If these do well, we’re planning more books in the series.

Here’s a taste of what we have in store for your students (some of these are not quite finished…just FYI).


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