Draw the Natural Wonders of Africa is the next book that will be out, hopefully sometime this summer. After that it will be Draw the Natural Wonders of Canada.

Preliminary work is almost done which entails researching what geographical features to include along with what flora and fauna to have your students draw. Canada is full of lakes…lots of lakes so we’ve had to decide which ones are the most important or which ones are the coolest. Then all this has to be put in a Photoshop file where we decide how the steps will progress.

We’re also including the largest lake on an island, the largest lake on an island in a lake and the largest island in a lake on an island in a lake. Know what those are? If not, you’ll have to wait for the book or start doing some searching.

Below is the preliminary map. Preliminary because no doubt as we are putting the book together there will be issues and we’ll need to change some things.

Map of Canada to be used in Draw the Natural Wonders of Canada

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