We have been asked many times over the years if there are digital versions of our map books. Before now we had one: Draw Africa. Amazon did this one for us for free, I assume because the print version was selling well at the time. The digital version of Draw Africa does not sell well and we could not justify the time it would have taken to put the others into a digital format considering the amount we would expect to sell. That pesky thing called “making a living” is always looming somewhere.

Times Have Changed

In the world of technology things change very quickly. While working on a couple of personal projects and in the process learning a program called, InDesign, it has become possible to create digital versions of our books with far less effort than before. So, we have.

All the map books are now in digital format and available to Amazon.com. They are half the price of their print counterparts ($9.99) or if you have Kindle Unlimited, you can access them for free. These are visual, easy step-by-step instructions and I have heard from one person who used the digital version of Draw Africa that it worked great.

Try Them Out

It’s very easy in your Amazon.com account to try these out for free. Make sure you are on the Kindle book page, then click “Send a free sample”, and then select your device. If you don’t have registered devices just choose “[your name] Kindle Cloud Reader” as what to deliver to. Personally, I like the cloud reader on a computer as you can get a nice, large page for your students to follow along with.

Digital Screenshots

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