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Kristin talks about math books.

Do not feel guilty about reading lots of books to your children. This may sound like an unnecessary thing to write (Are hoards of homeschoolers feeling remorse for this?), but reading books and lots of books to your students can sometimes almost make you feel as if you’re doing the wrong thing: shouldn’t we be doing math problems or science worksheets or working on penmanship? Reading to your children is fun! It’s fun for them too! With the right books it can also be very, very educational.

Our son is highly dyslexic and did not start reading on his own until about 4th or 5th grade and math was a struggle from day one and day two and day three. Math was painful for all involved, so my wife decided: forget it! Let’s just read. Our son loved to be read to.  So my wife read to him constantly. It was the biggest part of his education. And she read lots of math books to him.

Serious Fun: Homeschooling with Real Books by Kristin DraegerDoing the Work for You

Think of the hours and hours that go into writing a great children’s book. There’s the research, there’s the writing and there’s the illustrating. That’s hundreds of hours that you do not have as a homeschooling parent. With the right books your students get the benefit of all that time and effort and all you have to do is read it to them. It may feel like cheating, but it’s not.

You may be surprised at the amount of fun, educational math books that are out there. The books Kristin talks about in the video and the books listed below helped our son learn concepts of math long before he could do math. And he had fun in the process.

Serious Fun

For an extensive list of fun and educational books including Math books see Kristin’s book Serious Fun: Homeschooling with Real Books. Kristin spent hundreds and hundreds of hours researching and then testing these books with our son and in her classes. These are the best of the best. A major part of the work has already been done for you!

Math Books!

Below is a sample of the some of the books listed in Serious Fun: Homeschooling with Real Books. Click on any of the books to see them on

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