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Kristin talks about science books

I like the image of the mad scientist. I particularly like the professor in the Back to the Future movie series: crazy white hair, a kind a crazed look about him along with conversation that keeps your interest even if you don’t understand what a flux capacitor is, not to mention some wild inventions.

Serious Fun: Homeschooling with Real Books New CoverScience Can be is Fun!

Science for kids can be just as fun as a mad scientist, though a lot more educational. There are some great things out there and not just books. One of the reasons so many of us homeschool or have homeschooled our children is remembering our own long, boring days of sitting in a classroom watching the clock and counting the minutes until recess and lunch and then time to go home. I know I didn’t want my son going through that! What follows will keep your students’ attention while also giving them a great science education. Make sure to check out Serious Fun: Homeschooling with Real Books for hundreds of titles of fun and educational books.

In the realm of videos and DVDs try these out:

  • The Magic School Bus
  • Bill Nye the Science Guy (you can stream these on Amazon)
  • Zoboomafoo (Martin and Chris Kratt)
  • Mythbusters

There are many options for books:

  • Horrible Science (you can buy these here too:
  • Mike Venezia Science Books
  • Cat in the Hat’s Learning Library
  • Smithsonian’s Backyard Books
  • and many more…

It’s not always possible to buy all the books you need yourself. Libraries come in very handy for sure. But sometimes even there you can’t get what you want. Another idea is to find a group of homeschoolers, sit down together, decide on the books you want, pool your money and buy the books you need. Then you can trade them back-and-forth. Whatever works!

Science Books & DVDs!

Below is a sample of the some of the books listed in Serious Fun: Homeschooling with Real Books. Click on any of the books to see them on

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