Elementary Art Lessons

ARTK12’s elementary art lessons will both entertain and inform your students. The entire weekly lesson lasts about two hours, covers two important paintings from the era being studied and includes forgery games, cartoons, a bingo game and a drawing.

The elementary art lessons have four main components:

These components can be used apart from the others, but for the best possible elementary art lesson we highly recommend all four.

Homework Can be Fun?

The last, companion books, is what might be considered homework—students read these outside of class. But these are fun books that have been carefully chosen for both the content they present and their entertainment value.

The student books are filled with cartoons, faux advertisements, art forgeries and excellent information about the art being studied. These elementary art lessons do not just cover facts, though there is much of that, but also delve into symbolism and meaning, something often lacking in many art education programs.

Challenging Art Lessons

Can young students handle this? You betcha! If they can’t read the material themselves it can be read to them. It’s a mistake to assume that young children should only tackle material equal to their reading level. Most youngsters can understand material far above their reading levels.

ARTK12 elementary art lessons manage both to entertain and educate students about great art. High expectations yield high results. A high level of vocabulary is used and advanced concepts about art are covered.

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