I don’t like heights. I don’t mind heights if I can feel safe looking over a railing at a large canyon or out the window of a tall building. The Pulpit Rock or Pulpit or Preacher’s Chair is in Norway above the fjord Lysefjordan. It rises almost 2,000 feet above the fjord and has a flat surface approximately 82 feet by 82 feet. It’s a long way up. I can guarantee you I would not feel comfortable on Pulpit Rock.

The government of Norway decided they did not want to disturb the area so they decided not to put up any railings. None. You can walk as close to the edge as you want or maybe as you dare. If I was there….I’d be sitting in the middle of the top of the rock as far away from any of the edges as possible.

Where would you be?

Draw the Natural Wonders of Europe

In our new book, Draw the Natural Wonders of Europe, your students will learn about Pulpit Rock and many other natural wonders by drawing them on a large map of Europe.


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