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Betsy over at Family Style Schooling has reviewed not one, not two, not three, but rather all nine of ARTK12’s geography books. Back in 2015 she reviewed Draw Africa and now she has reviewed the complete set. I think she may like these books.

She has some great ideas about how to use the books, what she likes about them and lots of photos.

Here are few tidbits from her review, “9 Excellent Resources for Drawing Geography by ARTK12”:

I received Draw the World and Draw Oceania for free from ArtK12 in exchange for my honest review. Actually, I begged for these books, because I really couldn’t wait to try them all out. We LOVE these books.

Draw Map Set by Kristin J. DraegerThis book works perfectly with Cycle 3 of Classical Conversations as we study the geography of the USA.

I love that while you’re working up to learning all of the detail, you’re still just walking through the drawing resource step-by-step…

Okay, I’m beside myself excited about this one [Draw Oceania]. I’m actually shedding a small tear that I didn’t have this one a couple of months ago when we were drowning in the sea of islands while trying to Draw Oceania.

Thanks, Betsy for such a great review and we are so glad you and your children are enjoying the books.

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Buy the Full Geography Set – $139.49

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