Find the Organs: Draw the Body Companion Book for Children

Can You Find It Inside. Children's book by the Metropolitan Museum of ArtOnce Draw the Human Body: Organs has been fully published (paperback, hardback and Kindle) we are planning a children’s book about organs. We’ve been looking at other children’s books and one we really like is the Can You Find It series put out by the Metropolitan Museum of Art. These are beautiful, fun books full of great art for your youngest students.

The one we have is Can You Find It Inside? by Jessica Schulte. There are three rhyming couplets on one side that ask children to find objects in the painting on the other side. It’s very well done and fun to look through even for adults.

In our book, which is tentatively titled Find the Organs, we’re planning three rhyming couplets, but on the other side we’ll have all the different organs along with some other fun objects. The couplets will explain the organ’s function, then on the other side they’ll have to find the organ and maybe some other objects. We’ll have talk bubbles and funny faces for the organs.

We’re planning 12 organs: brain, heart, lungs, kidneys, spleen, bladder, stomach, liver, gallbladder, pancreas, intestines and the skin. One organ for every two pages.

It does look like Draw the Human Body: Organs will be out in July. It’s 163 pages long. Our retail pricing at this moment in time is $34.95 on Amazon. We’ll be selling it for $29.95 on ARTK12 (we think). We’re not sure on the prices for hardback or Kindle.

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