UPDATE: WE HAVE OUR 10 WINNERS. Sign up for the newsletter if you’d like a chance at our next free book.

Nothing like the word “free” to get your attention, right? For me if that is followed by ice cream, pie or open heart surgery, I’m there!

So we’re going to try something new with the ol’ newsletter. We don’t send out the newsletter all that often because we’re trying really hard not to be annoying. You can let us know if that’s working. Often with the newsletter we announce new books. We’ve already had one new one come out this year (Mission Architecture Disguised as Fun), but we should have three more:

Ancient Greek Pottery by Kristin J. Draeger

The Next Book!

Ancient Greek Pottery will be announced through the newsletter in the next week. And that’s the key: the newsletter.

The Contest

It’s a fairly simple contest. When you receive a newsletter announcing a new book, just hit reply with your mailing address and a message indicating you want the new book in the newsletter. The first 10 replies will receive the book free (excluding of course family members, close friends, mild acquaintances, four-legged animals or aliens from the planet Zorg). You have to be a subscriber to the newsletter, submit a mailing address in the USA and we also ask after you have tried the book out you write us back with your honest and genuine opinion about it. Even if you don’t like it we want to hear.

We’ll cry like little babies for a few days if you don’t like it, but we’ll get over it. Ice cream works wonders. Besides, since Kristin writes the books, I can just blame her.

Want to be part of it? Make sure you are signed up for the ARTK12 newsletter. You can do that using the button in bottom right of this webpage (or any webpage) or use the button below.

ARTK12 Newsletter Signup ».

So hey, don’t be left out. No one wants to be left out. Keep up! What if you could have won and didn’t? It could haunt you until next Tuesday. Free books! Seriously, free! Don’t miss it! Tell your friends—wait, no, keep it a secret. Keep the odds in your favor. Be ruthless. These are books mind you not some 40 foot yacht you could fall of off and be eaten by sharks in a cold, indifferent ocean.

If I haven’t annoyed you yet, you win! You’ve got more patience than I do.

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