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We are a small, family run business (there are three of us). Kristin J. Draeger taught homeschoolers art history out of our home beginning in 2000. That small endeavor with 6 students grew to 60 students a week with a waiting list. Kristin self-published her first books, Mona Lisa and Mona Lisa Smiles in 2010, next came her Art History Curriculum and eventually her most popular books, the geography Draw the World series. Let us know if you have any questions at Enjoy!

Kristin J. Draeger

Geography Disguised as Fun

The Draw the World series is an easy step-by-step approach to help your students learn the basic geography of the world. With some practice your students will be able to draw the world, continents and countries by heart.

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Bingo Games!

ARTK12 sells 4 bingo games: two Art History and two Geography (these are consumable books). Ideally these books are to be used with our art history and geography series, but they can also be used as standalone games. All four games have the option to purchase extra bingo cards making the games ideal for classroom use.

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The Worse for It
The World War I Letters & Artifacts of Private First Class Robert E. Schalles

The Worse for It is an insightful and heartfelt look into World War I through the eyes of Robert E. Schalles.  Experiencing the horrific realities of war, Schalles evolves from a midwestern farmer to an experienced, war-hardened medic. The journey with Schalles, valuable for teachers and students alike, brings to life the Great War in a way that no textbook can.

—Jeff Wolff, High School Principal

This is a great primary source for World War I and war in general. The 45 letters take the reader from Schalles’ training in New Mexico, across the Atlantic to the trenches in France and finally to Germany with the American Army of Occupation after the war ended. The book also includes images of letters, photographs, artifacts, maps and an index.

Suitable for Junior High and above.

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The Worse for It, The world war one letters of Robert E. Schalles

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