GHC Day Three

Day three has come and gone. Again we met some great people and at times probably talked when we should have been trying to sell books….but where’s the fun in that?

Major thanks to Miss Lucy for being in the booth with me! Couldn’t have done this without her.

Cathy Duffy also stopped by and we gave her some books to review. Many of you will know that Cathy is quite big in the homeschooling world and has been reviewing curriculum for many years. We’ll let you know when the review is out.

ARTK12 will be working on becoming a vendor for your charter school. So if you want them to buy our books for you (that’s a no brainer!), let me know ( what school you’re with and I’ll start the process of becoming a vendor. This will allow them to purchase our book bundles for you from our website. Soon we will have a page that lists all the schools we are vendors for (We have that page now! ARTK12 Vendor Status).

It was great meeting so many of you that are already using Kristin’s books and introducing many of you to them for the first time.

I had some great southern food at Beola’s Southern Cuisine to celebrate the end of our participation in our first convention. Good food and I met the owner too. This is the food he grew up with and it’s all made from scratch. Check them out if you’re in Ontario, CA. The peach cobbler was, to use an old phrase, out of this world!


JoEllyn Short

Glen, this is awesome! I heard about your trip from both Mom and Kris. Now it’s so cool to see the pictures. I’ve been to several home school conventions in my time, but none this big. Very exciting!!!


It was a lot of fun. Really nice to hear all the comments about Kristin’s books. I was a little surprised at how many people both knew about them and/or were using them. Very cool!


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