Gilbert Stuart: Free American Art Lesson

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Over the course of the next year ARTK12 will be offering four free lessons from both American Art History: Volume I and American Art History: Volume II. Just to be clear, get ready for this folks, that’s eight free lessons. Yup, you heard it right (or read it right) and read it here first. Eight! Ocho! Not one or a paltry two or an even four. Eight, my friends. And don’t be fooled by imposters! There are always imposters. So what do you get in our first free lesson?

Well you get Gilbert Stuart in all his glory. You get George Washington. You get two forgery games, you get a drawing, you get two interviews in the Philadelphia Flurry and even a couple of advertisements. Are you kidding me? No I’m not! I know it sounds too good to be true but in this case there is no need to suspend your disbelief. Believe it!

Why oh why would ARTK12 do such a thing? Why? You know why. Besides just being nice (that’s our motto in life: “Just be nice.”), we hope you’ll love these lessons so much you’ll want the other 12 you get in each book. And then you’ll fork over your hard-earned cash because you value your child’s education. We’re trying to make living here!

This lesson (and 15 others) and drawing (and 15 others) are available in these two books:

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