Great Homeschool Convention, Batman!

We’re doing it. ARTK12 is spreading its wings. We’re leaving the nest. We’re blasting off. We’re going to a homeschool convention. This will be our first one and we’re excited.

Covention News & Notes: Great Homeschool Conventions. Ontario, CA. June 15 - 17, 2017.

Booth Peeps

The booth is going to be manned by Miss Lucy and The Husband.

Miss Lucy has been teaching ARTK12 curriculum for a number of years now and any of you that want to talk homeschooling with Miss Lucy will be in for a………don’t use cliches! You’ll enjoy talking with her and she has an enormous amount of enthusiasm for homeschooling, learning and ARTK12 curriculum.

Read Miss Lucy’s Interview

Then there’s me, The Husband. I have the distinction of being married to Kristin. What else do I need to say? I can field all kinds of questions like:

  • Where’s Kristin?
  • How much is that book?
  • How tall are you?
  • Where’s the restroom?

My preparation will be thorough and complete. Try to keep your questions simple and direct and I’ll be okay.

Statement From The Husband

So…..Where is It?

Ahhh….yes. Where is the convention? What are the dates? Will there be food? Feast your eyes below:

Dates June 15 – 17, 2017
Place Ontario Convention Center
Ontario, CA
Information Great Homeschool Conventions

How Can I Find You?

Good question. This is a big convention. The convention hall is a little bigger than our living room, so it could be tough. Probably the easiest thing will be to look for our banner. This might change, but here’s the initial design:

ARTK12 Convention Banner

It will be a little bigger than the above. Another option would be to yell out:

“ARTK12, where are you?”

If I hear that I’ll answer: “Homeschool Wanderer, we are over here!” It’ll work. Trust me.

So come on down, folks! We’ll be selling books and sets of books at discount prices (TBD….stay tuned) and answering any questions you have about ARTK12.

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