Half-a-Hundred Acre Wood Sells ARTK12

Half a Hundred Acre Wood Logo

Over the last year ARTK12 has had a number of new retailers begin selling ARTK12 books. The first of that group is Half-a-Hundred Acre Wood. The business is run by the Ferrell family and they sell Draw the USA both alone and in their set “Mission: Last Liberty Curriculum Plan (opens new window).” The latter has a total of 26 books including Draw the USA.

They have this to say about the set:

Mission: Lasting Liberty is an integrated study of U.S. history and geography, fine arts, and scripture/hymns through the wonders God has orchestrated in the nation from before the Age of Exploration through today – with an underlying theme of the liberty found only through Christ.

The full package (opens new window) costs $379.00.

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