Heritage of the Americas Museum at Cuyamaca College

After finishing the first volume of my American Art series, I recommend to my students here in San Diego that they go visit the Heritage of the Americas Museum at Cuyamaca College in El Cajon (a suburb of San Diego, see map of museum location).

Impressive Collection

This museum has one of the most impressive collections of pre-Columbian art and artifacts here in San Diego. Several of the artifacts that I describe in Volume I come from this museum. The director of the museum was kind enough to allow me to photograph pieces in their collection.

After studying the pieces individually in Volume I and reviewing them for a full semester while playing the American Art History Bingo game, seeing the real artifacts can be impressive. If you live in or near San Diego I highly recommend visiting Heritage of the Americas sometime after studying the art in my curriculum.

The following pieces are from the museum:

  • Clovis Points (the three larger points at the top)
  • Mound Builder Bannerstones (The museum has an extensive collection of bannerstones and other Mound Builder artifacts)
  • Stone, Bone and Pottery Tools (Some of these even come from the San Diego area)
  • Anasazi Sandals (the second and fourth ones counting from the top)

Heritage of the Americas Museum

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