Are you looking for homeschool geography curriculum? Must be, that’s why you’re here, right?

ARTK12’s Draw the World series is a favorite among homeschoolers. Our most popular book, Draw the USA, is rated 4.8 on with over 480 reviews. Overall the books have over 1,000 Amazon reviews the majority (7) of which are rated 4.7 or higher. Draw Oceania receives a perfect 5.0.

The series is used by schools and is in half-a-dozen libraries across the USA, but it is the homeschool community that has gravitated to these books and with good reason.

Instead of simply sitting a student down in front of a map and asking them to draw or copy it, the Draw the World series gives your students easy step-by-step instructions to draw the USA, Europe and the rest the world using 9 different books. With practice your students will be able to draw the various countries and continents by memory. Many students in Classical Conversations use this series and love it.

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