I am Husband…Hear me Whine

Kristin, founder of ARTK12, with the husband

Kristin, founder of ARTK12, with the husband

“Oh!!! You’re Kristin’s husband!”
“Yup, that’s me.”
“Oh we love Kristin. She’s taught all three of my kids. We love her books, we still have the notebooks from her classes…”

Yeah, yeah, yeah…whatever. Big deal. That’s what it’s like folks. Ignored and forgotten. Husband of the teacher. Husband of the author. Husband of the homeschooling goddess.

I know what you want to ask. “So what is it REALLY LIKE to LIVE with Kristin?” Well, probably a lot like you’d expect. It’s like fireworks are going off everyday. Confetti inexplicably falls from the sky. At times the rain stops just to let us cross the street. It’s like Disneyland on steroids, a perpetual vacation at an upscale resort, I’m surprised I have time to do any coding on ARTK12.

But seriously, it’s much better even than that. Waltzing into upscale restaurants without reservations or even a credit card, front of the line for midnight movies (can’t wait for Star Wars!) and free ice cream whenever I want it….and when is there a bad time for ice cream….even if you have to pay for it?

The husband, age 57, draws Africa

Really, I do have some talent, as limited as it might be.

I’ll state it bluntly: Kristin is the brains of this operation, the creative as these types of people like to call themselves. I’m the brawn. I’m the gopher, the behind the scenes guy…but let’s be honest, and keep this quiet, I’m the one who holds this whole thing together. Without me…well, you can just imagine…but don’t it’ll keep you up late at night!

But seriously, it’s terrible. I’m not really sure how I’ve come to handle being second fiddle here at ARTK12, but apparently I’m getting really good at it. So good I actually like it.

All kidding aside (just imagine what it’s like living with me!), I am the ARTK12 webmaster. If you have questions about or issues with the website please send them to: info@artk12.com. I also program the games you see, so if you have ideas for games please let me know. That includes ideas for current games and ideas for new games.

Kristin and I really do want to make the website fun for your students and a place they can visit to learn about great art. Enjoy!

The Husband and Webmaster
Glen Draeger

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