Instructions for Create Bible Verse Cards: Volume I

This book contains ten verse memorization cards with five projects each (a total of 50 projects) to help your student memorize verses from the Bible. Each verse contains five projects: the verse card, a keychain card, a pair of memory game cards, three bracelets and a bookmark.

All the projects from Create Bible Verse Cards, Volume I by Kristin J. DraegerThe Five Projects

The five projects for each verse are spread over three pages: a project page (blank on the back), the verse card ( with lined paper on the back of the verse card) for younger students. These projects can be done all at once or can be spread out over the five-day school week. Making all of the projects at once works best with older students; with younger students spreading them out gives them both short daily craft projects and the repetition needed to affix the verse in their minds.

  1. The Verse Card is a card that provides a verse reference and a piece of art that correlates to the verse, some images for the student to cut and paste onto the card, an explanation on the inside of the art and how it relates to the verse, and room on the back to write out the verse (you choose the translation). Younger students who do not have the fine motor skills to write small enough for the back of the card can write on lined paper provided on the inside of the card.
  2. The Keychain Card is the verse card in miniature with the verse reference on the back. Students can use these to review their verses and test their memories.
  3. The Memory Game is a standard matching game where all the cards are mixed up and placed face down on a table. Students then pick two cards, turn them over and see if the art and the verse match. If they match, they keep the cards. If not, they turn them back over and the next student takes a turn. The students with the most cards at the end of the game wins.
  4. The Bracelets have images on them that match the art on the verse cards and can be used as to remind students of the verses that they have memorized. If older students don’t want to make bracelets they can be used to decorate journals or pages of notebooks like Washi tape.
  5. The Bookmarks have bits of the art on the front and room to write the verse on the back.

The Verse Card Instructions

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