Is There Such a Thing as Too Many Books?

owl-with-booksUnder normal circumstances I would emphatically say “no.” But recently I decided that I do not like the current format of my American art history curriculum. With four volumes of text, four volumes of drawing instruction and two bingo games it is both cumbersome and expensive. At the time I published it I did not have any choice but to split it into so many volumes since Createspace, the publisher that I use, could only accommodate a certain amount of megabytes per upload.

Without going into technical details, I’ll just say that I can now upload larger files. So I have spent some time (actually a great deal of time) condensing two volumes into one and shortly will be republishing the books in a smaller, more affordable set.

The new curriculum will have two texts, two drawing books and two bingo games. It is sleeker, simpler and best of all, more affordable. Hopefully I will have it available by summer.

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