Jack and the Beanstalk cover. Literature Disguised as Fun seriesThe first book in the Literature Disguised as Fun series for your younger students has been published: Jack and the Beanstalk.

The book contains the unabridged story, original art from earlier editions with fun talk bubbles, another story where Mr. Draeger climbs a beanstalk to learn about other Jacks and Giants, some discussion questions, some trivia questions (with some funny answers) and some talk bubbles for your students to fill in.

I know! A lot going on, yes? That’s why we call it Literature Disguised as Fun.

The books retails for $9.99 and sells on ARTK12 for $8.99. Also available to purchase on Amazon.com.

Bulk ordering is available.

We will be running a free book contest for these newer books at some point in the future. How’s that for a vague promise?

Some Sample Pages

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