Here’s a video review of Draw the USA by Journey in the Home. If you go to her YouTube review, there’s also a coupon code for 15% off that expires April 15.

The reviewer says this about herself:

I’m a young, Christian, homeschool mom of 3 children and also a graduate of homeschooling myself. I am loving the new homeschool journey our family is embarking on and getting the opportunity to pass on all that I have learned from my own homeschool experience. I get so much from watching other homeschool moms share their experiences, plans, choices and advice. Hopefully my journey can glorify Jesus and can help other moms as well. This channel will be everything homeschool. From curriculum flip throughs and reviews to organization, planning and beyond!

Draw the USA has a 4.8 rating on Amazon with almost 600 reviews as of today (03/20/2024). Enjoy the review.

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