Jump for Joy Homeschoolers!

Woman Jumping for JoyIn the past ARTK12 only allowed purchase of our books in minimum amounts. You had to buy 5 Draw the USA or 5 Draw Oceania, or buy one of our bundles. Even if you bought a bundle you still couldn’t buy single copies of our other books.

Stand back, pilgrims! No more!

We are growing, we are changing, we are moving forward. You still can’t just buy one book (I know, you should lead with the positive aspect of the deal but it’s late and I don’t care), however (here comes the good part!) if your cart totals $58.00 or more you can now buy our books on the ARTK12 website in any combination your heart desires. I’m not kidding!


Yes. Stand in disbelief no more! Wow! No doubt this will be cause for your celebration. I’m sure you’ll be calling relatives and friends with this stupendous, exciting and unbelievable news. Try to contain yourself, I don’t want people injuring themselves jumping in jubilation. It’s okay. Breathe. Breathe. Be calm, now move over to the computer and navigate to ARTK12 and everything will be just fine, I promise.

I’m going to bed. Enjoy the books!


I know…why $58.00? Sorry, I am not at liberty to discuss this.

You must know? Get used to disappointment.

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