Some time back ARTK12 left Facebook and Twitter. We didn’t post anything about it or mention that we left, we just left, in the middle of the night you might say. We left because of Facebook’s and Twitter’s assault on free speech. We don’t think this assault is a lack of understanding or even incompetence, it is a direct, volitional assault on the ideals that have made this country the greatest country in the world with regard to personal freedom and liberty.

As all of you know, 2021 was a crazy year, full of controversy, mandates, vaccines, masks, election fraud and more. ARTK12, like a lot of businesses, has been apolitical up to this point. That is about to change. There is an elephant in the room and not to talk about it when it is appropriate is no longer an option.

We are living in unprecedented times and it is the duty of each and everyone of us to do what we can to retrieve the freedoms and liberties we have enjoyed in the past. We take heart in the millions of people around the globe, both vaccinated and not, who are protesting these horrific mandates that have destroyed tens of thousands of small businesses and torn apart families, friendships and, in many cases, people’s lives.

The madness will not stop, unless we stop it. What you or I can do may seem small and insignificant, but when these small, virtuous acts are engaged in by tens of millions of people the impact can be momentous. Do not lose heart. Fight the good fight. We are all in this together.

In the coming months ARTK12 will be linking to our new social media platforms: GETTR, GAB and Vimeo. We hope that you too will leave the major social media platforms, if you have not already, and flock to those that allow all ideas to be heard, even those we do not agree with.


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