Currently, there are 13 books in the Literature Disguised as Fun series. Two of those books also have Family Reading Editions. Those 13 books are geared toward grades 7 – 12 and include these titles:

We’re going to switch gears for our next 8 or so books and target your younger students grades K – 6. Here is current list for next year (this may change):

  • Jack and the Beanstalk
  • Just So Stories
  • Peter Rabbit
  • Poems for Children
  • Aesop for Children (2 volumes)
  • The Princess and the Goblin
  • The Ugly Duckling
  • The Velveteen Rabbit
  • Tales from Shakespeare (2 volumes). This one will work for many of your older students too….it may be part of the older student books.

The format for these will be a little different. We’re planning a 6″ x 9″ paperback in full color. The shorter books will sell for 8.99 or 9.99, not sure on larger books. Larger books may also have a hardback version.

The content will differ from the books for your older students. Each book will include (this may change):

  • The unabridged story
  • A creative story to give background on the author, story, etc. I’m fortunate enough to have literary mouse that lives in the walls of my house, Professor Higginbottom.
  • Illustrations, photos and art with talk bubbles
  • Vocabulary with Sniffy the Hamster. Sniffy knows his definitions but has a  unique way of presenting them. You can get a taste of Sniffy by viewing our book reviews with activities.
  • At the end of book, for parents and teachers, there will be some background information and discussion questions.

Here are a couple of cover ideas for our first book, Jack and the Beanstalk:

We will keep you posted on publication dates. As always we’ll be running a free book contest for newsletter subscribers. Use the button below to sign up.

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