The new series, Literature Disguised as Fun, is about bringing great literature to your students in a way that is fun and enlightening. We’ll do this with cartoons, a fun biography of the author via time machine, spacecraft or whatever, introductory material and a “Wrap-Up” which goes into possible meanings and interpretations of the story, novel, essay or poems.

We’ve been working on a logo that hopefully conveys both great literature and fun. The colors are stumping us at this point, but here are two contenders:

I like the red better, but the green is more in keeping with our brand. I always feel really cool when I talk about “our brand,” like we’re some huge conglomerate with an advertising agency that keeps tabs on anything that might ruin or taint “our brand.” “Our brand” is managed by three slightly crazed family members who have trouble remembering to put the chickens in before dark. The dog always gets fed, but she makes sure we’re on top of that.

Enough about our exciting lives!

We’re changing the rules a bit on the free book contest and how we’re going to launch the books. We’ll be launching the books one at a time. As of now, only the first one will be in the free book contest. We may do it with others, we’ll just have to see how sales go.  You must be a subscriber to the newsletter to enter. You can use the button at the bottom of this page (or any page) to become one.

9 books (we’ve added two more) will come out in this first wave of Literature Disguised as Fun. Here are the original 7:

  • “The Bet” by Anton Chekhov
  • “A Modest Proposal” by Jonathan Swift
  • “Bartleby, the Scrivener: A Story of Wall Street” by Herman Melville
  • A Midsummer Night’s Dream by William Shakespeare
  • “Civil Disobedience” by Henry David Thoreau
  • The Red Badge of Courage by Stephan Crane
  • “Self-Reliance” by Ralph Waldo Emerson

The 2 additional books:

  • Selected Poetry of Emily Dickinson
  • Selected Poetry of William Wordsworth

We’re excited about the new series and would love to hear any thoughts you may have including what great works of literature you’d like to see in this series.

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