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American Art History, Semester 1 (3 books)Remember That?

Remember your Middle School Art Curriculum? Probably not. But I’ll bet if you saw the Mona Lisa you’d recognize it. Why is that? Nothing too complicated—you’ve probably seen it thousands of times.

But there’s a lot of great art out there that your middle-school-aged students probably wouldn’t recognize simply because they haven’t been exposed to it.

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Great Art Exposure

ARTK12 Middle School Art Curriculum exposes students to great art and it does it in a fun and entertaining way. While using the curriculum students will again and again be exposed to the same art pieces through art forgeries and the art bingo game. Through games students study the details of a painting or piece of art so they’ll remember it.

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Challenging and Fun.
Say What?

In addition, your students will read an entertaining, but informative chapter about each individual piece of art. The books challenge the middle-school-aged student to think about the pieces of art and contemplate their meaning. ARTK12 curriculum is not a simplistic, dumbed-down discussion of the art….it is substantial, interesting and at the same time fun and entertaining.

Students learn about the history of the art and its creator, but ARTK12 curriculum also goes beyond this (where much art curriculum fails) to discuss the meaning of the pieces. Why did these artists choose not to use perspective? What are symbols and how do you interpret them?

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