Mission Architecture Disguised as Fun is Published

Mission Architecture Disguised as Fun

ARTK12’s newest book, Mission Architecture Disguised as Fun, is available for purchase on ARTK12 and Amazon.com.

Written for your youngest students (ages 0 – 8), the new book covers missions in Arizona, California, New Mexico, Texas, Bolivia and Mexico. See a bell, door, pediment, finial, niche, tower, dome, lintel, cell, capital, facade, cross, arch, arcade, gate, buttress, mortar, ceiling, oculus and roof.

For parents the mission name and location are listed with each photo.

Funny cartoons, memorable rhymes and a “Find the Flower” game will have you reading this book to your little ones many times.

Buy on ARTK12 (Mission Architecture Disguised as Fun) Buy on Amazon (Mission Architecture Disguised as Fun)

Sample Pages Mission Architecture Disguised as Fun.

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