Mission Architecture Disguised as Fun

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Mission Architecture Disguised as FunARTK12 has three books scheduled to come out in 2019: Africa Bingo, Create Bible Verse Cards: Volume I and Mission Architecture Disguised as Fun.

The latter is a book that Kristin has had in the works for some time. It uses photos of missions (most from California), cartoons and simple rhymes to teach your youngest students (baby to 6 years old) about mission architecture. From finials to pediments to capitals to crosses, this book has them all. How about an arch or an arcade? Maybe you’re keen to see a buttress or a dome? And what about the dancing bears? Dancing bears? Yes, there are some of those too along with a moose, some pigs and even a skydiving dog. And let’s not forget the oculus!

And when you’re all done reading the book to your little ones…you know, after the 10th time through (once is never enough!), there are hidden flowers throughout for your budding architects to find.

Kristin started reading to our highly dyslexic son at a very early age with complicated material that he could have never read himself, but children can understand far more than their reading skills may allow them to access. And if it’s fun too? All the better!

We hope you and your children will enjoy the book as much as Kristin has enjoyed writing it.

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