Draw the Natural Wonders of the USA: BookcoverTwo new books are in the works: Draw the Natural Wonders of Europe and Draw the Natural Wonders of The USA. Europe is almost completed and the USA book is coming along nicely.

In Draw the Natural Wonders of the USA your students will be drawing and labeling rivers, mountain ranges, mountains, lakes, oceans, deserts, trails and Native American Territories. They’ll also be drawing some animals, birds and sea life found in the USA.

Step-by-Step Instructions

Students will begin with a large USA template and using easy step-by-step instructions begin adding the natural wonders of the USA. Pages will have written instructions along with each step in red so students can easily see what to add next.

Sample Pages from Draw the Natural Wonders of the USA

The written instructions on these pages have yet to be added, but the drawing instructions in red can be seen.

As with all our books there will be a contest to win a free copy. The first 10 respondents to the newsletter that announces the publication of the book will receive a free copy. Only newsletter subscribers are eligible. Subscribe using the blue button below on the right.



This is the last year I’m homeschooling my children. They’re starting high school next year. Any chance these will be available this school year? I would love to add these to their knowledge base.


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