Hedgehog in a grapevine from an illuminated bestiaryNOTE: This is book is now available.

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Kristin’s third new children’s book this year is tentatively titled: The Creation of the World: The Bible and Art. This book will introduce your youngest children to some great art from medieval illuminated manuscripts (Bibles, Psalters, the Book of Hours and Bestiaries) that pertain to creation. The simple rhyming text is illustrated with this unique and wonderful art. Like the other children’s books (Mission Architecture and Ancient Greek Pottery) there are also humorous talk bubbles and a “find the hidden creature game” (in this case a snail, and he is cute!).

The Coming Bible Series: Trilogies Galore

The creation series from ARTK12 will include this children’s book, a book for your older students with great art and text about creation and a book of 10 verse cards on the creation. The latter two will include art from the children’s book in addition to new pieces of great art. Future trilogies will include other stories and themes from the Old and New Testament. Fun, huh?

Why Not?

The great thing about ARTK12’s children’s books is that your very young children will be introduced to great art in a fun and entertaining way. The philosophy here is why not? Why not start showing your barely staggering little ones great art, ancient artifacts and great architecture? Why not introduce them to great poetry (I read Emily Dickinson poems to my son long before he could walk)? Why not play them great music? Again I say, why not?

Coming in Spring 2019

We’ll let you know when this book comes out and we will be running a free book contest through the newsletter (something we plan to do with every new book release). 10 winners for each contest! I’m not kidding. Seriously, I’m not, though I have been known to do so, but always for good reasons, I assure you.

Sample Pages from the Children’s Creation Book

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