Two years ago we wrote about a new geography series that would be a companion series to ARTK12’s Draw the World series. For a number of reasons, that I will not go into, that series got derailed. It’s a series that Kristin has envisioned for a long time and we’re now back to working it.

Mountains, Rivers, Lakes, Flora, Fauna and Natural Wonders

Like the Draw the World series, this series will involve your students drawing and labeling to learn the main geographical points of interest, along with the flora and fauna, of the continent or country. Like our other series, there will be 9 books, each a companion book to the corresponding Draw the World book. The first book will be Europe, followed by the USA and then Africa. We are not sure of the order of publication after that.

The goal is to have all 9 books completed by the end of 2022 or sometime in 2023. The Europe book we plan to have out by the end of 2021. We will keep you posted here on the website and through the newsletter.

We have not come up with a title for the series yet. Everything we’ve thought about so far just seems too long. We’ll keep thinking.

Sample Pages and Images



I’m so excited about this! What about just ‘Draw the Wonders’ or ‘Draw the Wonders of the World’


Thanks, Tonya, for the suggestion. They’ll be drawing animals too. Trying to figure out how to incorporate that into a short, concise title is difficult. Our current working title is: Draw Europe’s Natural Geographic Features, which, admittedly, doesn’t lend itself to the animals. Anyway, we will think about your suggestions.


Just talked to Kristin. We’re thinking maybe: Draw Europe’s Natural Wonders. Seems like animals and trees could be included in that. Every living thing is truly a wonder when you delve deeper. We will keep thinking….


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