Only Passionate Curiosity Reviews ARTK12

Only Passionate Curiosity ARTK12’s American Art History Curriculum was recently reviewed at Only Passionate Curiosity: Life and Learning on the Homefront.

Heather, a homeschooler and mother of 3, reviewed American Art History: Volume I and Drawing American Art: Volume I and gave it 5 stars in all four categories (ease of use, ease of prep, quality, effectiveness and fun factor). Here are a couple of the highlights from her review:

This isn’t so much a book that you read aloud, as it is one you sit down with and just enjoy. Bug can read it independently, and Mr. Man likes to sit with me on the couch to look at it with me. It’s graphics heavy, beautifully designed, and fun. Since this is a book you just get to sit down and enjoy, there is very little teaching you have to do. You won’t find complicated lesson plans here. All you need to do is enjoy the reading and pictures in the main text, and then enjoy drawing the art with your kids.

I’ll be totally honest with you here, and tell you that I haven’t totally been using this program as I had intended to when I first contacted ArtK12 about a review. Bug [her son] has hijacked the books completely, and instead of living on my curriculum shelf, they have been living on his desk. Because, what do you know, these books really are fun.

You can read the full review here:

American Art History- Disguised as Fun {ArtK12 Review}

Thanks, Heather, for trying out our curriculum!

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