All the books in ARTK12's American Studies BundleOur newest book bundle includes 16 (or 17) books in these subjects:

  • American Art History (6)
  • American Geography (3)
  • American Literature (6)
  • American Mission Architecture (1 – children’s)
  • America in World War I (optional – first person account – letters home)

Here’s what others have said about books in these series:

On our American Art History Series:

I’ll be totally honest with you here, and tell you that I haven’t totally been using this program as I had intended to when I first contacted ArtK12 about a review. Bug [her son] has hijacked the books completely, and instead of living on my curriculum shelf, they have been living on his desk. Because, what do you know, these books really are fun.

— Only Passionate Curiosity

On our Geography Books (Draw Europe):

Let me show you how great this is. When I saw the inside of this book I thought we have to use this, this looks so much fun.

With her lovely little language she tells you how to make sure it is at the right part of paper….like this: “This blob looks like Santa’s bag of gifts and will contain eight countries.” Like how great is that? That totally does look like Santa’s bag of gifts. So that’s really fun.

— Sarah Mackenzie

On our Literature Books:

These are contained (include the story), inexpensive, and non-consumable literary components you can weave into your language arts for middle and high school ages. Each one can be done by a student and parent, small group or a classroom….It’s the questions after the story that really tripped my trigger!…Why was that good or bad? What might you have done in that situation? I’m generalizing to show the higher-order thinking structure of the questions….These feel like something you could work into a busy week when you may not get to your heavier work. Or maybe you find yourself picking one up between larger novels to discuss. The titles are some that you may not know, so have a try at something new! I would get the whole set if it were me.

— Sara, Rainbow Resource

On the Mission Architecture Book:

The comments of the cartoon characters that Kristin has throughout the book were comical and at the same time relatable…There is a Hide-and-Seek in this book too; can you locate the daisy? I know very little about architecture and have never seen a mission building, so I think this is a great introduction and springboard for further investigation.

— Lisa, Schoolmarm Ohio

On the World War I book:

The Worse for It is an insightful and heartfelt look into World War I through the eyes of Robert E. Schalles.  Experiencing the horrific realities of war, Schalles evolves from a midwestern farmer to an experienced, war-hardened medic. The journey with Schalles, valuable for teachers and students alike, brings to life the Great War in a way that no textbook can.

Jeff Wolff, High School Principal

The Books!

For more information visit each book’s webpage:

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