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ARTK12 Reviews, Mother and her son showing a thumbs upTiffany at Play Eat Grow: where fun, food and faith collide has written a brief review of Draw Mexico, Central & South America. It’s part of a bigger review called, “Summer Learning: Geography.” This is all part of her Summer Learning series. Tiffany writes:

The backbone of our summer learning series is this: spend 90 minutes of intentional learning a day.

She has three posts in this series:

In the latter she writes about her kids using Draw Mexico, Central & South America (she gives it a go too!).

Here are some highlights from the review:

This smart idea was created by Kristin Draeger– it’s just BRILLIANT! Instead of sitting with a map, trying to memorize it, kids are taught to draw the world, one section at a time.

As the kids draw, it sticks in their brains 100x better, especially for kids that are visual and kinesthetic learners.

She also talks about the books on her Instagram account:

The author gives step-by-step instructions with fun tips at each fork in the road. This is way more fun than looking at maps and just trying to memorize the country name!

Thanks Tiffany for these kind words and we’re very glad your kids (and you!) are enjoying the books.

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