Africa Bingo (Not Published Yet)


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Publication Date 2019

Four Bingo Games in One (see photos below)

A great bingo game to help your students review where African countries are and also learn some facts about each country: Capital and geographical facts.

  1. Learn country names and where they are
  2. Learn east, north, south and west
  3. Learn country locations in relation to other countries
  4. Learn facts about each country.
  5. Have fun doing all this!

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What Others Think

Well, I've never played the game or seen the book. Probably because it's not out yet. But this guy offered me a fiver if I'd say something. I'm sure it'll probably be was that?


Haven't seen the book. What? It's not out yet? Why am I even talking about it? I have nine kids I need to be educating. Yeah, I'll probably buy the book, I like the other ones, just don't bother me again until it's actually out.

—Mom to Nine Homeschoolers

Well, I hope it has a bunch of facts. Those other books are short on facts. If it has a bunch of facts, I'll buy it. No facts. Forget it. It better be funny too. I don't want my kids being bored. And the price better be reasonable. Not reasonable, I'm taking my money elsewhere.

—Carol S.

Sample Africa Bingo Pages

The Games!

The first and simplest game will be to show the country on the flash card and name it. This is geared toward your youngest students and students completely unfamiliar with Africa.

The second game is a north/south/east/west test along with knowing where countries are. The student will start in one country and after a few directions and some humor will be asked to travel north, east, south or west and name the country they have arrived in. Here’s an example:

You are in South Sudan with President George Washington. No one ever knew he was a time traveler until this very moment. He yells, “I have crossed the Delaware, I can cross the border going west into that country.” When you cross the border, salute the President and yell: “Diamonds are this country’s most important export!”

The third game is a little more complicated. It will usually involve 2 or more countries and the student will be asked what country these encircle, or share borders with or this may evolve even more. Here’s an example:

You have not eaten in 20 days. You have had no water in 40 days. This is not possible. After you wake up you realize you are in Cameroon. You travel with your Dad, to Chad, he’s mad, you don’t know why, that’s sad. What you do know is that the southern border of Chad and the eastern border of Cameroon is on this country.

The fourth and last game is simply a facts game that always names the capital of the country and several other facts (mostly geographical in nature) to help the student figure out what country is being targeted. Here’s an example:

1. Capital: N’Djamena (also the largest city)
2. The lake, which this country is named after, is Africa’s 2nd largest wetland
3. The Chari & Logone rivers are in this country
4. The Sahara Desert crosses the northern part of this country
5. The mountain, Emi Koussi, is the highest point (10,171 feet)