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Comedy is sprinkled throughout the lessons. At first, I was a bit put off by the silliness. But then I realized it had two benefits – 1) my kids enjoyed it! It cracked them up and often lead to them asking me to reread certain parts (hello repetition!). And 2) because they enjoyed looking at the pictures and listening to the silly stories, they look forward to our next lesson. That in and of itself is a huge feat.

—JenniferThou Shalt Not Whine

American Art History, Volume I is much more creative than the title indicates. For each of the sixteen topics, Draeger creates fictionalized news reports, interviews, cartoons, advertisements, and other material that is often humorous.

All of the books are printed in full color and are heavily illustrated—very visually appealing.

The subtitle of this series is ‘Art History Disguised as Fun,’ and this course certainly lives up to that.

—Cathy DuffyCathy Duffy Reviews

This isn’t so much a book that you read aloud, as it is one you sit down with and just enjoy. Bug can read it independently, and Mr. Man likes to sit with me on the couch to look at it with me. It’s graphics heavy, beautifully designed, and fun. Since this is a book you just get to sit down and enjoy, there is very little teaching you have to do. You won’t find complicated lesson plans here. All you need to do is enjoy the reading and pictures in the main text, and then enjoy drawing the art with your kids.

—HeatherOnly Passionate Curiosity

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Set includes these books:

The art history curriculum is academic, substantial and fun! It is designed to be used once a week for a 16 week semester; each week's lesson takes about 2 hours and is very easy to teach – very little preparation needed. There are three books for each semester. You simply:

  1. Play the bingo game
  2. Read the chapter in American Art History (includes games, faux newspaper articles/advertisements and much more)
  3. Draw the piece of art.

Only one set is needed per family.

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Add the American Art Extra Bingo Cards for $15.00 and play the bingo game with up to 40 students.

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Sample Pages From American Art History, Vol. II

Sample Pages from Drawing American Art, Vol. II

Sample Flash & Bingo Cards from American Art Bingo, Vol. II