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Thank you for the Ancient Greek Pottery book! As a social studies teacher and homeschooling parent I greatly appreciate fresh and new ways to engage children with history and art. I love the simplicity of the book and the cartoon captions that draw the attention of the students to engage with the action in the artwork. My 10 year-old son is taking a Famous Men of Greece class and he found the book to be interesting and entertaining. He made connections with the pottery and the stories of Greece that he is learning about! He found the “Poke!” of Odysseus and his men funny as he remembered the story. I think seeing the stories in their works of art are fascinating. Thank you for putting together a fun and useful product to enrich our studies!


What a fun book! Thank you for allowing us to use it for free. My children (ages 5-10) enjoyed viewing these images, especially after our visit to the Getty Villa. My 7 year old found every fish and felt very superior when the rest of us missed 1 or 2.


Kristin Draeger has mixed art, history, and humor into Ancient Greek Pottery to make this a great resource for you...She has done a fantastic job in combining pictures of artifacts and giving details about each piece.

I love Kristin’s humor and wish I could spend a day with her at an art museum. But, since that isn’t possible, her book is the next best thing.

—LisaSchoolmarm Ohio

  • 35 pages
  • Paperback
  • Full color
  • 8.25″ x 8.25″

Ancient Greek Pottery presents your youngest students (baby to 8 years old) photos of a variety of ancient Greek pottery decorated with images from Greek mythology as well as everyday life using simple rhymes to teach your students about Greek pottery.

From skyphoi to stamnoi, this book has them all. Amid the rhyming text and the crazy comments by the figures that inhabit the pottery your students will drink in the beauty of red-figure and black-figure pottery from Ancient Greece.

And when you’re all done reading the book to your little ones…you know, after the 10th time through (once is never enough!), there are hidden fish throughout for your inquisitive sleuths to find.

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Sample Pages from Ancient Greek Pottery