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What Others Think

Thank you for USA Bingo! It took us awhile to get together to play it with our grandchildren during these crazy times but we really loved it. It's great for lots of different ages, which makes it really convenient and popular with all. The younger ones were eager to learn the states and then the capitals and older kids and adults enjoyed the diverse clues and crazy rhymes! It also helped to have the flash cards and maps to hand out to the little ones. Keep up the good work...


The Geography Bingo Classroom Bundle by ARTK12

Two full geography games for classroom use. Unique, funny and interesting. Many ways to play each game.

The Geography Bingo Classroom Bundle includes these 4 disposable books:

The Books!

You’ll get:

  • 2 complete geography bingo games
  • 80 bingo cards in each game (40 usable at any one time)
  • USA Bingo has 2 types of bingo cards: 4×4 and 5×5
  • 110 flash cards (Africa – 58 / USA – 52)
  • Africa Map (countries labeled)
  • Africa Map (capitals labeled)
  • USA Map (states labeled)
  • USA Map (capitals labeled)
  • 248 bingo tokens (each game’s 124 tokens themed to that country)
  • Instructions

Many Ways to Play

There are many ways to play these bingo games:

  • Show the country or state
  • Name the country or state
  • Read one of two clues on the back of the flash card
  • Read the quirky poem (clue for country/state and capital)
  • Students can use flash cards on their own for review and/or learning the countries and states
  • USA Bingo comes with two types of bingo cards (4×4 and 5×5)

For more details see the individual geography book web pages.

Sample bingo cards, flash cards (front and back), maps and tokens