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What Others Think

The comments of the cartoon characters that Kristin has throughout the book were comical and at the same time relatable...There is a Hide-and-Seek in this book too; can you locate the daisy? I know very little about architecture and have never seen a mission building, so I think this is a great introduction and springboard for further investigation.

—LisaSchoolmarm Ohio

  • For ages: 0 – 8
  • Missions from Arizona, California, New Mexico, Texas, Bolivia and Mexico.
  • See a bell, door, pediment, finial, niche, tower, dome, lintel, cell, capital, facade, cross, arch, arcade, gate, buttress, mortar, ceiling, oculus and roof.
  • Also see some stairs, adobe bricks, columns and mission ruins.
  • And let’s not forget the cartoon dogs, pigs, elephants, bears, moose, beaver, chickens, lion, cows, goat and dinosaurs. Whew!
  • For parents the mission name and location are shown.

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Sample Pages

Four sample pages from Mission Architecture Disguised as Fun.